A Guide From Semalt On How To Write Catchy Blog Introductions That Catches The Attention Of Your Readers And Google

The introduction to your blog posts is very important. With a very short window to impress both Google and your readers, you must be able to keep your introduction lively. When the introduction fails, readers tend not to bother reading the rest of the piece. 

In this post, we will be focusing on the introductory portion of a blog post. To stand a chance of impressing your readers, your introduction must engage your readers. To Google, it must also support SEO so Google Bot and other search engine bots can understand the content of that page. 

At the end of this article, you will know how to draft exceptional blog introductions.

Learn How to Write Opening Lines That Will Leave Your Audience Amazed

A blog's introduction carries a lot of responsibility on its shoulders. These are the lines that create a first impression on the minds of your readers. They must be intriguing enough to keep the reader on the page long enough to get to the body of the page. 

In the introductory paragraphs of your blog posts, readers must see clearly what they stand to benefit from reading your post. It should also help Google understand your content. 

Considering that this must be achieved in only a few paragraphs, you begin to understand why writers find introductions to be challenging. 

Here are some methods we use to create catchy, intriguing, and search engine-friendly introductions for our clients. 

How To Write A Blog Introduction?

The reality is that the information a user is searching for is deep within any content. Writers usually need time to introduce a topic and familiarize the user with the topic. Whether it is a list or an in-depth explanation of a topic, the true information lies in the body of the content. 

Nevertheless, the introduction of your content is just as important because it determines the flow of the rest of your content. 

Let's paint a clearer picture by looking at an introduction from a copywriter's point of view. 

As copywriters, we understand the power of opening lines. We use them in ads, webpage copy, content marketing, or product overviews. As we continue to succeed at our jobs, we noticed that the introduction of a copy could make or break it. 

Here are some reasons why we have this belief:

An Introduction Can Convince Readers To Stay On The Page

A good introduction can draw and keep readers on a page. From fiction to copywriting, this statement is true.

The sole purpose of an introduction is to give your audience a reason to read further. An introduction also determines the tone of the content. It conditions the mind of your reader so that the information the content hopes to communicate is understood the way you intend. It also tells your readers that they have arrived at the right place and you have the information they desire. 

Connecting the Reader With You 

Think of it like you're starting a conversation. The introduction of a blog reveals your personality. Just like with human interactions, you could tell if the person was serious and official or friendly and casual. 

Likewise, the introduction on your blog shows what capacity you hope to communicate in. This way, you don't just share information on the surface, but your content also speaks on an emotional level. 

It is a common strategy to introduce a blog post by stating the common woes of the problem speaking of. The beautiful thing about this strategy is that you get to speak to the reader by letting them know you have an idea of what they may be going through. This softens the heart, and the reader is more likely to believe that you really understand the problem. 

An introduction Should Make a Promise

You do not expect readers to take you seriously if you are not bold enough to guarantee a result. "At the end of this article, you will know how to draft exceptional blog introductions" this is an example of the promise we made earlier. 

It clearly states what you stand to benefit should you finish this article. Every time someone ends an introduction in that format, the reader finds a reason to stay on that page. Your goal in reading this is to find better ways to write your introduction, and we've just promised you that you will. That alone is a very good reason why you should stay and continue reading. 


In content marketing, most of what we do has to improve the SEO performance of the site. To do this, we must: 
Having a strong blog introduction helps. 

The first thing you should take note of is that your introduction should include a variation of your keywords. It won't make sense if your introduction fails to carry the primary keyword it should be introducing. 

Having your primary keywords and a variation of keywords in your introduction helps you communicate the value of your topic to Google. It also reassures the search engine that your content corresponds to the topic. 

Weaving relevant keywords into your introduction also provides you with additional room to explain what the page is all about. 

One other benefit of an introduction to your SEO is how it influences your dwell time. Having a good introduction increases your chances of getting a viewer to stay. When your introduction serves its purpose, a reader will see it and feel the need to enjoy the content you've written. 

This singular benefit opens up links to other benefits such as:

● Readers may sign-up for your newsletters:

Nowadays, getting conversions to a newsletter isn't as easy as it once was. But when you add a lead magnet to your post, you immediately improve your chances of getting new sign-ups and grow your email list exponentially. 

● The Person May Read Your Content:

This is the easiest and most likely outcome. Your introduction may be the sole reason why a user decided to give your content a shot. And by that, we mean they actually read it. This is great as it improves your brand awareness and EAT.

● The Reader May Make A Purchase:

Having a visitor read your content is beyond wonderful. We say this because that is your best chance of getting someone to make a purchase. Many things can happen during the different stages of the funnel, but one way to be on the winning side is by having content so good that your readers click on your CTA right after reading it. All this begins with having a good introduction.

More Tips:


Having a strong introduction attracts your target audience and gives them a reason to read your content. An introduction also reiterates the relevance of the entire post. 

Considering its benefits as well as the SEO impact it has, having the right introduction should be a priority for your business. 

Our team at Semalt understands the need for a good introduction, and they've been writing them for years. Our content writing services cover this, which means you can choose to hire our writers to come up with catch introductions for your posts. 

Contact us today, and we would be delighted to get back to you ASAP. 

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